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ChatbotsBuilder empowers you to easily build complete and effective Facebook Messenger chatbots that you can use on your own or resell to clients - at the price you want.

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Here's some of the bots created with this platform.
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Web Agency

Web Agency

The chatbot for a web agency or a marketing/web professional: try asking him the services they offer, their portfolio, the agency contacts - or even send a quote request!



The chatbot for a restaurant can autonomously answer questions about opening hours, location, menu and even receive, manage and reply to reservations inquiries

Real Estate agency

Real Estate agency

A virtual real estate agent can show the latest listings, answer questions about agency prices and conditions and even collect data for appraisals and new leads

Our webinars

Check out our periodic hangouts, packed with tips, tricks and answers


Chatbots Builder - first webinar

The first live hangout with the team and the founder - tips, tricks, answers and ideas to become a master chatbots builder


Easy e-commerce on Messenger bots

Discover how you can use Chatbots Builder to easily do e-commerce with bots on Facebook Messenger


Customer Chat Plugin + Live Agent Chat

Let's go in-depth on the Customer Chat Plugin + how to enable live agent chat on your chatbots to increase even further conversions and results


Private Replies - automatically reply to comments on your Facebook pages

An in-depth tutorial plus a couple of examples that show you how private replies can be used to build even more engaging bots