The ChatbotsBuilder platform

The most complete and effective Facebook chatbot builder for businesses

ChatbotsBuilder is an online software for building Facebook Messenger chatbots that helps businesses and small and medium online marketing agencies increase their recurring and overall revenues by allowing them to offer to their customers a simple Messenger marketing product that has a measurable and immediately positive ROI

The system itself is extremely easy and effective to use: you can quickly add chatbots to any of the Facebook pages you control, manage how the chatbot is started, deciding if you want to trigger it also with a post to a comment in the page and even setting "active hours" so it can really become your Facebook Messenger virtual assistant.

You can use a wide range of different trigger and reply types to maximize the effectiveness and engagement of your bots, from text replies with emoji and links to slider of images, with titles and buttons, to RSS feeds or full-fledged leads generating systems for collecting emails, creating polls, building quizzes and even receiving reservation requests directly into your email inbox - seamlessly and quickly, deploying everything with just a couple of clicks.

All this is made easy & fast thanks to an extremely simple interface, ready-made templates for a very wide range of business types and needs and a complete "bot map" where you can manage everything very effectively, always keeping all your funnels 100% under control.

ChatbotsBuilder has a very simple and incredibly convenient pricing so you can build chatbots for you and for your clients and get an instant return on your investment.

You can try the platform for free, without any obligation - so start now and discover this new powerful marketing tool - before your competitors.