Messenger chatbots marketing automation

Let your chatbot take care of your marketing funnels - just sit back and watch leads convert on their own

Marketing automation is an incredibly powerful way to grow online and offline businesses. 

Having a set of automated tools that follow the rules you define and contact users on their own - sending emails, scheduling follow-ups and guiding prospects through the funnel you have created, optimizing each step for conversions and sales is essential for the success of any venture that wants to use online marketing effectively.

While existing tools like Marketo, Hubspot or even ClickFunnels and Mailchimp usually create email campaigns and landing pages for taking leads throughout all the elements of the marketing sequence, you know people are using social media more and more frequently for finding products they want to buy, doing shopping and building strong business relationships. It’s time, therefore, to start thinking and using a new breed of marketing automation tools, a set of powerful solutions that engage the prospect where he hangs out, using the channels he likes and speaking the language he is used to hear daily in his online life.



This is where ChatbotsBuilder marketing automation features come into play.

As Messenger chatbots become increasingly popular as effective social media marketing tools, we decided to introduce a set of new automation solutions for our customers, allowing them to easily and quickly create sequences of messages that our system automatically sends when certain conditions and events occur. 

  1. You can automatically send messages after the user has triggered specific replies and answers from the bot
  2. You can create sequences of messages, one after the other with the cadence you decide, setting intervals ranging from 30 minutes up to days and weeks
  3. You can set an exact date and time when all your users will receive your contents on Messenger - even letting the system send it at the local time for all your different users timezone or sending it all at once, as a broadcast

And the beauty of all this is that you can combine these options together, building a bulletproof Facebook Messenger marketing funnel that will take your prospect by the hand and guide him toward the goals you have set - without any of your manual intervention!


Possibilities are endless

We know you are already imagining all the possibilities this tool could open up for you - and for your clients.

Just imagine a social media consultant which is asked on Facebook about his services - and his bot quickly captures the prospect info and details. From that moment on he can nurture that lead directly on Messenger, dripping content, links, events, offers directly in the chat window, never asking the lead to leave Messenger and closing the sale directly there, in the most seamless, smooth and effective way.

Or think about real estate agents and prospective buyers that ask information about a set of properties: the agent can easily roll out a specific sequence only for the prospects interested in certain areas or listings, using the advanced tagging system we have developed and greatly increasing the chances of a successful close.

And imagine finally a webinar funnel or any other online and offline event, where the user interested in attending it asks questions to your bot on Messenger and then receives the updates and reminders automatically on his phone and web app, greatly improving the attendance rate and granting a much higher chance of success for your event.

But all this is just what we can come up, right now and quickly thinking about what can be achieved with such tools - you, as a marketer or business owner, will know much better than us what to do with these features, using effectively all the flexibility and power we put in your hands.


Automation & chatbots - with a human touch

Because if you think about it, in essence these features allow you to control the two most powerful forces you can use today to market your products and services online:

  • Automation. This is a tool for automatically reaching prospects and users in one of the most popular, effective and direct channel - Facebook and its instant messaging / chat system
  • Personalization. The whole system allows you to use a set of features for deeply personalizing the messages, offers and contents you will be sending, easily crafting sequences that will have a very high chance of striking the right chord with prospects and convert more leads, create more customers, produce more revenues.


You simply cannot lose. Register now and start using ChatbotsBuilder automation tools to offer your clients even more power - and grow your social media marketing ROI immediately.