A demo chatbot for a web agency

Discover how a Messenger bot can be used by a web agency to engage users and grow its business

Web agencies are one of the businesses that can benefit more from having a Facebook Messenger chatbot: it will help them communicate better and convert more of their site visitors and, at the same time, it allows them to show prospects what kind of advanced, engaging and cutting-edge tools they can provide to their customers.

In this page you can access a chatbot for a demo web agency we have created to show you what you can do using our platform: you should already see, in the bottom right corner of the window, the box where you can start “talking” with the bot, engaging, querying and discovering this mockup agency services and portfolio.

In particular, this chatbot will show you 4 main functions that such a powerful social media marketing tool can offer users and businesses.


Present business info and contact details

The basic yet extremely useful function a chatbot can primarily fulfill is provide general and contact information about a business, company, professional or page. In this bot, for example, you can type “about our agency”, “agency team” or “contact our agency” to immediately receive the appropriate information, 24/7 and completely automatically. As you will see you can add buttons and links to replies, for example including a “click-to-call” button to allow visitors on mobile to immediately place a call to the phone number you have entered.

Showcase products and services

An extremely cool layout you can use for a chatbot reply is the “carousel” of images, each one with a title, a short description and optional buttons. This is extremely useful for example in this demo web agency bot as it allows us to showcase the agency portfolio and services in a nicely laid out, easily scrollable format. If you type “web agency portfolio” or “online services” you will see that each dummy portfolio website or demo service is presented as a carousel of slides where we have customized the texts, images and links.

Generate leads

This bot demonstrates also another extremely powerful function chatbots can be used for: acquiring leads. Thanks to the lead generating widgets we have added to the platform, our users can very easily create “forms” with questions and choices and fields to be filled - for example an email address, a project definition, a budget and so on. This allows users to provide the information an agency or a business requires to make an offer, prepare a proposal and further nurture the prospect - in an easy, engaging and after all quite fun way. Try typing “web agency quote” to check out how we have implemented this “form” into the chatbot, and how seamless the whole experience is (by the way, the data collected will be sent directly to our inbox and you can even add it to a Mailchimp list - with just a couple of clicks)

An automatic leads machine 

Finally, do not forget that every time a user interacts with one of your bots he is automatically added to the list of “engaged users” that you can then contact directly or through the powerful marketing automations you have access to as a premium customer. This feature allows you to easily track, categorize and score leads: you can attach “tags” to each bot reply and once a user triggers that reply he is tagged with those categories. You can then use these tags to target prospects very precisely, for example sending special offers only to people who started a quote request or providing additional information and links to users who triggered a portfolio carousel or showed the list of available services.