Facebook chatbots for Real Estate Agents: a winning combination

Using Facebook Messenger chatbots for promoting listings, acquiring leads and nurturing prospects is a great marketing strategy for Real Estate agents and agencies

If you are a Real Estate agent or an agency owner (or, even more importantly, if you are a digital marketing consultant target R.E. clients) and you want to win in today’s ultra-competitive world - you need to be on social media. Reaching people with nice pictures and captivating headlines while they share updates and enjoy scrolling through funny videos and images of kids, pets and friends is a very effective marketing strategy, allowing you to convey that sense of coziness, luxury, fulfillment and peace that only a beautiful house can do.

To make social media an even more powerful medium for acquiring leads and closing deals a Facebook Messenger chatbot is the ideal companion. Chatbots are a very simple yet extremely effective system for engaging with prospects and creating that “one-on-one” relationship that’s so valuable when dealing with extremely intimate and personal transactions - like buying a house for you and your family is.

Moreover, thanks to the very powerful Dynamic Ads for Real Estate feature from Facebook and Messenger Ads, you can start a conversation with prospective clients very affordably, getting replies for less than $0.50 and collecting contacts that you can leverage very effectively at any stage of the marketing funnel.

To give you an idea of what a chatbot can do for Real Estate agents - and what you can achieve using the ChatbotsBuilder platform - we have created the demo bot that you can see and use in this page. In particular, this chatbot will show you 5 main functions that are essential for successfully marketing a food-related business in this social media and direct conversations era:

Present your agency details and contacts

The first, basic yet quite useful thing you can do with a chatbot is provide a quick way for your prospects to get business information about your agency. Giving them an email address and a phone number they can contact if you are not online on the chat immediately conveys a sense of professionailty and care.

Show your listings in a beautiful and engaging carousel

Pictures are worth a thousand words - and probably in real estate a picture is worth 10 times that! A system like Chatbots Builder allows you to easily create carousels of images, useful for showing your latest and most appropriate listings or for exploring the details of a single property - like we are demoing here below, where each slide of this carousel shows a different picture of the same house. As you notice, you can add specific links to each slide, further increasing the chance of a conversion by your users.

Schedule visits and meetings

Chatbots are an incredibly powerful tool for doing some lead generation - at affordable prices. And some extremely qualified one, too! As you can build forms and conversations that visitors can engage with, answering questions and even scheduling visits, you will see your list of agenda get automatically filled with meetings with prospects that give you (or better, to your trusted Virtual Assistant on Messenger) all the info you need to make them the best proposal and be already prepared to  

Provide information and additional services

Using advanced yet easy to use tools you can provide prospects even more tools and services - while collecting their data and transforming them into future clients. A very simple system some of our customers have created and are using with great success are “mortgage rate calculators”. The widget basically automatically asks users a few questions, collecting them and sending them via email to the bot owner - which in turn will then have all the data required to provide the prospect with a reasonable response while engaging with him and therefore making him a lot more willing to do business with him. All this automatically and seamlessly, in the same chat window that billions of people constantly use to exchange messages with friends, relatives and other businesses.

Nurture and convert prospects 

Finally, let’s keep in mind that every time a user chats with one of your bots he is automatically added to the your very own database of “engaged users”, prospects that you can then engage with directly or using the marketing automations tools you can use on ChatbotsBuilder a premium customer. This feature allows you to easily monitor, categorize and evaluate prospects: you can use “tags” to better segment your audience and then use them to target users very precisely, for example sending updates about new listings and properties depending on the area or price range they enquired about.