Private Replies - automatically reply to comments on your Facebook pages

An in-depth tutorial plus a couple of examples that show you how private replies can be used to build even more engaging bots




Private Replies are an extremely powerful feature that you can easily add to your bots on the Chatbots Builder platform. This thing basically allows you to reply automatically to comments that users add under your pages posts, pictures and ads, sending them a private message in the Messenger inbox.

In this webinar you will first of all learn how this tool can be managed on the platform - we even offer "positive" and "negative" keywords to reply only to people that comment with specific words - and then you will see two examples of useage of private replies to engage more and better users chatting with your bots:

  • a simple yet effective way to reply to common questions about products and services while starting a conversation on Messenger
  • an incredibly engaging idea to get more activity in your pages while offering visitors a coupon when they comment under one of your pictures